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Born in the South, Melissa Stamper hails from a state rich in music heritage. Her first solo was "Old Rugged Cross" at four years old on the altar of Bay Springs Baptist Church in the flat woods of Chopin, Louisiana. Yet, it would be years later before she began to understand what that song truly meant. Music was the only constant in her life until she met the Lord at the tender age of fifteen.

An experienced recording artist, Melissa has logged many hours in the studio doing demo work for local songwriters as well as recording jingles for local advertisers in Louisiana. At the age of eighteen, she produced and hosted her own television program called "Lookin' Up" which showcased local Christian artists and musicians. This experience motivated her to complete a similar mission that would change lives.

In 2002, Melissa created the Miss Plus America Pageant which is an exclusive contest for plus size women. "Experiencing verbal abuse because of my size took me to places of great despair in my life; and I knew I wasn't alone in feeling this way. Discrimination because of size has been described as the last form of acceptable prejudice. Something had to be done." This endeavor has afforded teens and women of all ages to express themselves freely without fear of this discrimination. All delegates support and promote charitable organizations. "This is a ministry. The crown does more than remind plus size women they are fearfully and wonderfully made; it creates an avenue in which to help others." With a pristine reputation, the Miss Plus America pageant is the most recognizable exclusive plus size competition in the world.

A Kingdom Builder, Melissa’s passion is in laying the foundation of organizations that not only change hearts and minds but change the world. She has been a long-time team-member of Judah 1, Inc., an aviation ministry, serving in multiple roles, chiefly supporting the Founder of Judah 1 with effective decision-making, project management, and execution of strategic initiatives.  Melissa is a gifted mentor and coach and leads teams that produce valuable results for both internal and external customers. 

With experience in Project Management, Quality Assurance and Implementations, Melissa is committed to Judah 1’s mission to transport missionaries so they can fulfill the Great Commission.

Melissa has been writing since she was in high-school and has just recently delved into film.  Her debut film, "Pardoned by Grace", co-written with Mark McCann is set to be released Sept 25, 2022.  With more projects on the horizon, she is staying very busy.

For singer/songwriter Melissa Stamper, this kind of reaching out to others is the driving force behind her journey as an artist of Contemporary Christian Music.  With a raw vocal power, Melissa's intention to stir the heart is palpable from the outset of each note she sings.

Today, she has been busy carving out her own brand of Christian soul and has had a wealth of positive response in the process. With music that raises feelings of repentance while stirring tears of joy, it's no surprise that Melissa's music has moved those fortunate enough to witness such a moving and powerful display of musical prowess.

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